Task description for a freelancer

We are the official partner of Fastline Media LLC and plan to launch a training course for the one of the products of this company – Beaver Builder. It is designed to quickly create landing pages, main pages, as well as internal pages of the site based on WordPress. Unlike Wix, Flexbee, LP and other standalone services, this plug-in is completely integrated to the infrastructure of WordPress, and among other things, does not require monthly payment for use. Also the plugin has a limited free version.

So, we need to record on the video the process of creating a landing page in the Beaver Builder designer with offscreen comments in English. In the video frame should be shown a browser page, mouse clicks should be marked with a marker for better visibility.

The landing page is already drawn by the authors of the plugin, it will be necessary to simply “create from scratch”, writing down the process and using the finished page as a sample. The expected order of work is as follows:

  1. Go to the demo page of the plug-in and click the [Page Builder Demo] button.
  2. The default theme will be opened in the edit mode, which you will need to remove manually (just deleting all the rows).
  3. The page whose creation we need to record on video is called Motor City and it is available in the list of ready-made templates, see screenshot
  4. Ideally, if you can open the Motor City topic on another monitor or in another tab and manually copy the properties of the objects from there (for the fastest work).
    According to our rough estimates, the video should take 15-20 minutes.

At the end of the job, you should send us the video source in avi or mp4 format without any your logos or author marks.

The total number of videos that we will need to record for the training course is about 15. We hope for fruitful cooperation!